My GoPro Hero 6 Black Review

So, what's good?

Let's start out honestly, this is the first GoPro I've purchased since the Hero 3+. So off the bat, this is a major upgrade. Why haven't I upgraded previously? Well...because my GoPro Hero 3+ was 'just fine' and, more importantly, I never really felt like an upgrade was worthy of my hard earned cash.

Something rang different this time though, maybe I was just swiped along with the GoPro event hype - but after just seeing a few base stats about this new unit, I was excited. To the point where I dropped the full RRP on one, on release day.

Was it worth the hype? Absolutely it was. The colour profiles, custom-filming settings and quality of that 4K 60fps is insane, regardless of the format. But for something that fits into the palm of your

I'd be lying if I said I knew all the functions like the back of my hand, of course I don't...yet. With anything with a large UX jump, regardless of how easy that UX need time to adjust and become a proper pro-user.

So is it worth the price-tag?'s what I'll say, I think it's worth the difference over the Hero 5 Black. Why? Because in a few years time, I can see this unit still being a performance master, while the previous edition may start to wane slightly. In terms of image quality and options they are very similar...only high-end production users will regularly be able to benefit from 60fps 4K and the like. So on those grounds, it's usefulness to the regular action-cam user is negligible. But their new proprietary processor really does feel like it's here to stay. And when you're already spending quite a lot, adding that bit more for longevity seems worth it for me.

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So, what's bad?

Well, at the time of writing we're only just coming up to two-weeks since release. And I'm already on my second unit. That sounds shocking, I know. I haven't had to purchase it again, GoPro customer services and the services of the store purchased from were very helpful and happy to swap out my original camera as it seemed faulty from the off.

What happened? Well, on it's debut, attached to my mountain bike, I experienced a lot of freezing up and erratic behaviour. With a bit of confusion I contacted GoPro customer services and they advised that the SD card I was using was a little less than ideal, and they wouldn't be able to really advise on any issues as this was likely the cause.

So, cue myself off to buy the greatest SD card I could find - grabbed a SanDisk Extreme 'Works with GoPro' branded model and started shooting again. The first few ventures seemed okay - but I was doing short recording sessions on (relatively) low quality settings.

A few days later I wanted to capture a hiking experience via time-lapse photography. The intention to take a photo every 10 seconds for the duration. This did not go to plan. And when I say the camera started acting very erratic...I mean it might have taken 10 photos (max) before having somewhat of a meltdown. And this happened repeatedly.

Back on to the very helpful at GoPro support, and they's a problematic unit.

Now, this is my only criticism of GoPro's aftersales, and there is a way around it, but their default action for any issue camera is to have it sent back and repaired or replaced. Now, for a very expensive, brand new action camera. Having to send it off for a repair isn't really acceptable. When paying that much, I expect immediate action and replacement - not having to wait for a diagnostic. Now fortunately, because it appeared faulty out the box, returning it to the store of purchase was an option - so that's what I did and within an hour of my final report to GoPro customer services, I had a new camera. And this one, is as epic as promised.

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Anything else you should know?

Yes - those new high-end recording formats, anything new from the Hero 5 Black, are encoded differently. Only newer computers and smartphones are able to process these properly. If your editing equipment is more than a year or so might have a tough time utilising these that is worth considering.

Do I have any regrets?

Regrets? No. Could I have saved myself a load of money? Maybe. A Hero 5 Black, although it would've done a very stellar job of what I want, was not an option. The price gap wasn't big enough to warrant buying something already outdated. A Hero 5 Session, however, at around 50% of the price of the Hero 6 Black, is very appealing. This smaller form and relatively powerful unit does keep sneaking into the back of my mind. And you know what, in a few months, I may buy one in addition to my Hero 6 Black. But the usefulness of the screen makes for such a marked update over my original Hero 3+ - I really do have no regrets at all.

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